Safe driving should always be your main priority, whether you’re behind the wheel alone or with passengers. In today’s time, drivers are more distracted than ever before, so it’s essential to understand the fundamentals of safe driving and put them to practice whenever you drive. Here are some ideas for good driving.:

Concentrate on driving.

  • Keep your attention glued on the road at all times — no multitasking allowed.
  • Do not use your smartphone or any other device while driving.
  • Drive only as fast as you can control. Speeding degrades your reaction time and increases the risk of an accident.

Drive in a “defensive” manner.

  • Keep an eye on what other drivers are up to and be ready for the unexpected.
  • Assume that other drivers will do something hazardous, and be prepared to swerve out of the way.
  • Maintain a 2-second distance from the vehicle in front of you.
  • Make it four seconds if the weather is terrible.

Make a plan for safe driving.

  • Allow time for meals, rests, phone calls, and other errands on your trip.
  • Adjust your mirrors, seat, and climate controls before you start driving.
  • Take a break to eat or drink. It will only take you a few minutes.

Maintain a safe environment.

Always secure any goods that might move while the vehicle is moving. It’s your responsibility to make sure everything is safely stored before you begin the drive. Do not transport flammable material in an enclosed cargo area unless kept in a tank or special container. Also, do not overload the vehicle. That increases the chance of accidents and makes proper control harder to maintain.

Securely fasten your seatbelt. Your seatbelt is your first line of defense in an accident, so make sure you always wear it. Try to ensure that every passenger who will be riding in your vehicle wears a safety belt properly. And stay off major highways and busy streets when possible.

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