Life insurance claims are denied for many reasons. One of the most common is that you have a pre-existing condition. This can be frustrating because it feels like there’s no way to get your claim approved, but don’t give up hope just yet!

We’ll walk you through what to do when life insurance claims are denied and how an attorney can help.

Be Prepared!

Being prepared is the best you can do to get your life insurance claim approved. It’s important that you know all of the reasons they might deny your claim before applying for it, so read through these top three reasons why claims are denied and make sure none apply to you:

1) You don’t have enough evidence:

Make sure you keep all of your paperwork organized and up to date. Whether it’s medical bills or insurance premium receipts, make sure everything is kept neatly in a file and ready for review when the time comes. Keep copies because if something gets lost along the way (and it likely will), they need to be able to access it easily.

2) The insurance company questions your claim:

The insurer may question whether you’re sick or injured and how long the condition has been going on. It’s important to provide as much documentation as possible, such as doctor notes that prove when symptoms began and what treatment was provided for them.

3) You submitted your claim too late:

As with most legal proceedings, timing is important. If you submit a claim after the policy has expired, it will be denied automatically – they won’t even look at it.

You must know when the policy expires and don’t wait until close to or past this time before filing for coverage. This is one of the most common reasons claims are denied, so make sure you know this date before applying.

If your claim has been denied, reach out to an attorney who understands how to deal with life insurance companies and can help you get the coverage you need. A firm like Lawrence & Associates will be able to keep track of your claim from start to finish, working hard on your behalf so that it’s approved as quickly as possible. So, reach out to it immediately here at https://www.lawrencelaws.com/.

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