An uncontested divorce allows settling on materials terms where the spouse has to agree without a court for dividing assets. Everything, including child custody, and spouse assets, is paid. There are four simple steps to follow to get an Uncontested Divorce.

First Step:

The first step of uncontested divorce includes the process of discussing the materials terms with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse. It is a must that you both agree to the terms and conditions applied on those dividing terms for the assets. You will have to sign the divorce agreement and the distribution of materialistic items where you can proceed even without an attorney. But to ensure a proper divorce, you must hire a professional attorney that protects your rights.

Second Step:

The next step of uncontested divorce includes the procedure of filing a petition. It will require some filing fee that you will have to pay. If you don’t have enough to pay for the price, you can submit a request for a fee waiver, and additional documents will be required for this process. It’s essential to submit the proper forms and your signed settlement agreement once you agree on a decision to the court.

Third Step:

Once the documents and forms are submitted, you have to stay put until your state’s waiting period is expired. The local court can help you in this matter. Once the court reviews your paperwork and feels that you are meeting all of the state requirements, it will schedule a hearing in front of the judge. In some cases, the judge may sign a divorce judgment without even a hearing.

Fourth Step:
You can go to the hearing and answer few questions as asked by the judge under oath. This process is to ensure that your hearing meets the state’s divorce requirement and you and your spouse agree to the terms and conditions for that settlement. To be successful under such times, you need to hire a professional attorney from Kessler & Solomiany LLC to handle your uncontested divorce.

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