It’s irritating and hurtful to be dismissed without cause. You want to know what went wrong and how You could have handled things differently, but it’s usually too late. An experienced lawyer understands the difficulties of dealing with a dishonest employer. Employment lawyers can help you figure out if you have a claim and what you could do about it.

Was It Justified That You Were Fired? 

It usually depends on whether you believe that the reason for firing you was genuine. Or if you feel they used a manufactured or petty infraction as a pretext to get rid of you for an improper cause.

Suppose you were fired because of your race, age, gender, handicap, faith, or if you needed a leave of absence to recover from or treat a medical condition or disability. In that case, you might be able to sue under these statutes.

Other regulations prevent employees from being fired for speaking out against or complaining about their employer’s alleged or perceived criminal conduct, including not being paid pay or overtime owing, or being refused breaks, or for matters like jury trials or other court hearings. The labor code also protects workplace safety complaints.

Though you have an express or implied contract, you may be entitled to sue even if no legislation protects you from termination. Suppose you were dismissed for reasons that were petty, insignificant, unjust, false, or contrived. In that case, you could claim for breach of contract if you had an employment contract for a certain period or length of time. You may sue for Breach of Implied Contract if you don’t have a written employment contract but have worked for your company for a long time and have received excellent ratings.

Similarly, you may have a breach of implied contract claim if your supervisors made comments to you indicating that you would not be dismissed without cause. An ideal example can be that they assured you would always have a position there or that you could work as long as you performed an excellent job.

Depending on the facts of your case, there may be various sorts of terminations that violate basic and long-standing public principles and establish a common law wrongful termination claim. As a result, if you have any doubts about whether your ending was legitimate and would support a lawsuit, you should consult a law company like Bruner Law Firm here at https://www.brunerfirm.com/.

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