If you have ever been pulled over for a speeding ticket, then you know how frustrating it can be. Not only are the fines expensive, but also a conviction on your driving record will likely lead to higher insurance rates. It may even result in increased car insurance premiums.

If you want to avoid these consequences, contact Hart Powell, S.C., an experienced law firm specializing in speeding tickets and other traffic citations. However, before you do that, take a look at these four unique ways that can be incredibly helpful in this regard.

1) Fight the Speeding Ticket in Court.

This is perhaps the most common option, but it requires that you appear before a judge and present your case. At this point, it’s worth mentioning that hiring an attorney can make things easier for you because there are many advantages of it. In case you want to fight your speeding ticket in court, try to get in touch with a skilled lawyer first without any second thoughts.

2) Negotiate a Plea Bargain.

In many cases, the officer issuing you a speeding ticket is not present in court when a judge or jury hears your case. If this happens to be the situation with your particular incident, it means that you have an opportunity to negotiate a plea bargain with prosecutors with the help of your lawyer.

3) Enter the Speed Awareness Course.

If your traffic violation is not too serious, you can take advantage of this option because it’s cheaper than paying for a speeding ticket or having points added to your license. Also, by taking part in an awareness course that only takes six hours to complete, you can easily avoid any negative consequences on your driving record.

4) Request Traffic School.

If you accumulate too many points on your driving record, your insurance company will likely increase your rates over time. To avoid this from happening, consider requesting traffic school for the ticket in question because most companies won’t penalize their customers for doing so.

Even though some of these suggestions may seem like they are no-brainers, you must contact a law firm here at https://www.kohlerandhart.com/ with solid experience in this area to guide you through the process.

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